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Zundert Extreme Ltd focuses on the Service Sector and engages primarily in:

 Promotion and distribution on the Bulgarian market of the official partners of Zundert Extreme Ltd and their products - Bombardier Recreational Products, Superwinch, Dragon Winch,JOBE, CBSREMORQUE, BOMBARD;
 Stationed and mobile warranty and post warranty service and repair for all products represented by the company;

The foundations of Zundert Extreme Ltd were laid back in 1991. The primary target of the company was to provide progressive, innovative and high quality services in the automobile/vehicles sector. Zundert Extreme remained flexible to the changing needs and requirements of the Bulgarian market and developed a good reputation in the service and maintenance of 4-wheel bikes, jet skis, sport boats, outboard engines and winches.

The most important role in building that reputation, along with the high quality products and brands represented by the company, has always played the professional team of Zundert Extreme LTD. The members of the team are constantly upgrading and improving their knowledge and skills as the manufacturers continue working on innovative technologies and keep producing a wide range of products.


Zundert Extreme Ltd. grew as the successor company of Zundert, Ltd., established in 1991 by Ivan Mutafchiev. Originally, the company dealt with import from the Netherlands and local distribution of heavy trucks. It started out with five employees as the first private auto dealer in Bulgaria immediately after the coup d'état of 1989 and the fall of the communist era. After nearly 50 years of stagnation, there were new opportunities for free trade and innovation. This environment helped the ambitious founders of Zundert Ltd. to launch and develop a sustainable business.

In 1992 Ivan Mutafchiev entered into partnership with the largest distributor of passenger cars in Belgium (Euro Strade). Thus, Zundert Ltd became the official representative for Bulgaria of the Belgian company and offered for the first time in the country European and Japanese passenger vehicles and auto accessories. The period between 1992 and 1995 was very successful for Zundert LTD. The company became an important player on the market and grew to develop strong positions and opportunities. In 1995 Zundert Ltd. created its personal sales and service center situated on 3800 sq. m. in a fast growing industrial zone of Sofia. The new facility included
a showroom, warehouse as well as administrative and technical buildings.
Unfortunately, in the following year, Bulgaria fell into a severe economic crisis which brought about serious inflation and the collapse of many banks and other financial institutions. During the next 2 years of economic hardship, Zundert Ltd. sustained its position on the market and managed to retain its customers. The company moved on to deal with the import of lorries and second-hand vehicles from the Netherlands. Despite the stagnation and the constant downfall and shutting down of businesses in the country, Zundert managed to keep its presence and strong character.

After 1998 Bulgaria's economy gradually stabilized and a sustainable economic growth was observed. The World's biggest brands came into the country offering excellent conditions for the purchase of new passenger cars with a variety of payout options. Consumers in Bulgaria gradually began interested in purchasing new cars fostering increased competition among dealers. During this period Zundert Ltd. focused and specialized in the supply of accessories. The search for new business opportunities and market niches, resulted in the detection of a highly underdeveloped at the time sector in Bulgaria - winches.
This is how in 2001 Zundert Ltd became the official distributor for Bulgaria of winches and accessories manufactured by the two world renowned brands WARN and Superwinch.

In 2004. Zundert Ltd. was appointed as the official distributor for Bulgaria of the largest manufacturer of ATVs, personal watercraft, sport boats, snowmobiles and outboard engines - Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. In 2006, due to the nature of the distributed products Zundert Ltd. changed its corporate name to Zundert Extreme LTD.

Today Zundert Extreme Ltd in engaged in sales and service of the full range of Sea Doo (jet skis, sport boats), Ski Doo (snowmobile), Can Am ATV, Can Am Spyder (tricicles) Evinrude (outboard engines) and a large range of related accessories. The company remains a distributor of Superwinch, WARN and since 2009 of the Polish brand Dragon Winch.


Zundert Extreme Ltd. is a private company created with passion, ambition and professional confidence.

The creators of Zundert Extreme Ltd have proven in time a strategic and sustainable approach towards business. The company is managed and run by people with a strong sense of innovation. The team of highly qualified and experienced employees is continuously going through technical development training. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we address our clients with respect, competence and care.

Zundert Extreme Ltd is a young spirited modern company constantly looking for new partners and opportunities for improvement and expansion of its activities!

Visit us and see for yourself!