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Personal data policy that "Zundert Extreme" LTD observes in connection with its online


    • Name: Zundert Extreme LTD (the Company)
    • EIK: 175131281
    • Headquarters and address of management: 
    • Address for correspondence: Sofia, p.k. 1839, Kremikovtsi district, street 68 No. 2
    • E-mail: [email protected]
    • Contact phone: 0885 802 847  


    • Commission for Personal Data Protection
    • Address for correspondence: Sofia 1592, "Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov" No. 2
    • Contact phone: 02 915 3 518
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Website:


    1. The company processes personal data for the following purposes:
    • Sale of goods from the electronic store
    • Sending the goods purchased by the Customer to the address indicated by the Customer
    • individualization of a party to the contract and the contact persons in connection with the execution of an order; 
    • order management, communication with customers (answers to inquiries, handling complaints and warranty questions about products, refunds and goods, exchange of products, as well as questions related to the provision of technical assistance by e-mail, by phone or through social networks to create an account and recover a forgotten password to access our website);
    • Registering a user profile and ensuring full functionality when providing our services;
    • Fulfillment of obligations in relation to distance sales and off-premises sales provided for in the Consumer Protection Act;
    • Fulfillment of obligations provided for in the Law on Measures Against Money Laundering and the Regulations for its Implementation;
    • Accounting purposes – issuing invoices, carrying out tax-insurance control by the relevant competent authorities and other obligations provided for in the Accounting Act, The Tax-Insurance Code of Procedure and other legal acts in connection with keeping correct and lawful accounting;
    • Marketing purposes - sending information messages, including those of an advertising and promotional nature, if you have expressly given your consent to this or in accordance with the Law on Electronic Communications;
    • Improving and individualizing the services and products from our site by offering you suitable offers for new products and services that may be of interest to the Customer.


    • e-mail – it is necessary to be able to send you our online newsletter and other communications of an advertising nature when you have subscribed or consented to them;
    • names, contact phone and e-mail - we collect them through our contact form and are necessary to provide the information or service you requested, as well as to exercise your legal rights;
    • names, contact phone number, e-mail address, main and delivery address, Facebook or Google profile – we collect them when you have chosen to register your user profile on our website. They are necessary for the conclusion and execution of contracts for the sale and delivery of goods purchased from our online store, for the provision of information or services requested by you, as well as for the exercise of your legal rights. When connecting your profile on the site with your Facebook or Google profile, we also receive the information from these profiles (eg friends or contacts). The information we receive from these services depends on the settings and privacy statements, so each person should check what they are;
    • names, contact phone number, e-mail and delivery address - these data are necessary to place an order on our online store when you do not have a registered account, as well as for the conclusion and execution of contracts for the sale and delivery of the purchased goods;< br>    • names and TIN/LNCH - we collect them when you have explicitly indicated that you wish to be issued a tax invoice as an individual for the purchased items from our online store;
    • bank account number - we only collect such data if you have purchased items from our online store with cash on delivery, but subsequently requested to return them and receive a refund of the price paid. No financial information about bank cards is collected in cases where the customer uses an online payment platform - or BORIKA. If you have requested to pay for the ordered product or service by bank transfer by ordering the payment from your bank account to a cash register in a bank or through online banking, we will receive information about its number;
    • information about your use of our website and/or services – IP address, operating system, browser, search requests, content viewed, consents provided to receive newsletters, to accept the privacy policy and general terms of the site.


    2. In order to provide personalized and adequate services through our website and our services, the Company needs technology to remember and store information about its use by you. This is done with the help of the so-called cookies. A "cookie" is a small amount of data that a website stores on a visitor's computer or mobile device. They help the site recognize you and store information about your user preferences (visits, clicks, activity history - information about the content you have viewed and/or searches you have made). The use of the collected cookies is very limited and related to technical purposes – improving and customizing the functionality of our website and our services. Information collected through the use of cookies cannot be linked to a specific person. 
    3. To familiarize yourself in more detail, please see our Cookie Policy.

    4. The Company does not store personal data of Customers for periods longer than: 
    • Statutory – for example, accounting documents are stored for a minimum of 5 years. 
    • Terms set by the Company - between 1 and 2 years in relation to the cookies that the Company uses on its website or 5 years for storing data until the expiration of the relevant statute of limitations in order to protect against possible claims of customers and suppliers in connection with implementation/termination of contracts with us, as well as for a longer period in case of a legal dispute that has already arisen until its final resolution with an effective court decision. 
    • Until the customer's consent is withdrawn or an objection to processing is received – in relation to personal data processed for direct marketing purposes. 

    5. Pursuant to Article 261, paragraph 2 of the Law on Electronic Communications, the Company may use data of customers who have purchased goods from the electronic store, to send marketing and advertising messages. 
    6. In addition, in the event that we have received your express consent, the Company may use the information provided by you to offer you its products and services that we believe would be of interest to you - e.g. to send you an online newsletter, to inform you about price reductions and other promotions of the items offered on our online store and other. 
    7. Your consent is voluntary and we will not deny you our services if you do not provide it to us. You may at any time withdraw your consent to receive such promotional and advertising communications by contacting us and notifying us in a manner of your choosing. 
    8. Every marketing email sent by us contains an "unsubscribe link" through which you can opt out of receiving such communications. In the event that you choose to unsubscribe from receiving such messages, "Zundert Extreme" Ltd. undertakes to delete your contact details from the list of persons who have consented to receive promotional and advertising messages without undue delay.

    9. The company provides your personal data to third parties only in the following cases: 
    • When the Company is legally obligated at the request of third parties - for example at the request of a competent authority - the National Revenue Agency, the National Tax Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other public authorities, in view of their powers and competence;
    • When the provision of personal data to third parties is related to the fulfillment of your order - courier companies, banks, accountants, auditors and legal advisors, in connection with the delivery of the items purchased by you, reimbursement of amounts paid by you for returned goods, etc. .n. 
    • When the Company has to fulfill legal obligations - the accounting of our activities, the audit of our financial statements, our obligations to national regulators, our legal services and the exercise of our legal rights in connection with our contractual relations with you. 
    • To Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. – this is our Canadian partner, whose goods we offer in the e-store. The European Commission has adopted an adequacy decision in relation to Canada which can be found here The adequacy decision in practice means that Canada applies the same data protection measures as the EU and sending data to Canada is safe.  
    10. Our site may also contain links to and from third party websites. If you follow a link to any of these websites, please note that these websites have their own privacy policies and that we do not accept any responsibility for those policies. Please check these policies before submitting information to these websites..


    11. The Company follows strict security procedures when storing your personal data and also to protect them from unauthorized access, accidental loss, destruction or damage. The security of your personal data is our priority, with which we do not make any compromises.
    12. "Zundert Extreme" Ltd. implements organizational, physical, information-technological and other necessary measures to ensure the security and protection of personal data and the monitoring of the processing of personal data. The data you provide us online is protected with an encrypted connection using an SSL certificate. SSL is an industry standard method of encoding personal data so that it can be transmitted securely over the Internet. Personal data is stored on a server, where it is protected with all modern and appropriate standard hardware and software protection tools - firewalls, anti-virus programs, data encryption, etc.
    13. Part of the security measures taken by "Zundert Extreme" OOD include the following activities:
    • the requirements for collecting, processing and storing personal data are established in internal procedures, compliance with which is constantly monitored;
    • the access of employees of Zundert Extreme OOD to personal data and the permission to process personal data in our database is limited, depending on their obligations, and confidentiality obligations have also been introduced for all employees of "Zundert Extreme" OOD;
    • to ensure maximum security when collecting, processing and storing your personal data, we use, when necessary or appropriate, additional data protection mechanisms.
    14. The company strives to constantly improve the security measures that we have implemented and apply in our activity and we comply with the most modern technologies.
    15. The protection of children's privacy is a priority and of primary importance for "Zundert Extreme" OOD. Our website is not intended for or intentionally directed at children 16 years of age and under.

    16. Your rights include the right to: 
    • to request information about whether we store your personal data, such as in case we have such data - what is this data, on what basis and for what purpose do we process and store it;
    • request access to your personal data (the so-called “data access request”). This allows you to receive a copy of your personal data held by Zundert Extreme OOD and to check whether we are processing it in the manner established by law;
    • to request correction of your personal data held by us. This gives you the opportunity to correct any incomplete or inaccurate information we hold about you;
    • to request deletion of your personal data (the so-called "right to be forgotten"). This allows you to ask us to delete or remove without undue delay all or part of your personal data if there is no reason for us to continue processing and storing it. "Zundert Extreme" Ltd. does not delete the data that it has a legal obligation to store, including for defense in connection with legal claims made against it or to prove its rights;
    • to object to the processing of your personal data in the event that we rely on a legitimate interest (or the interests of a third party) and something in your particular situation causes you to object to the processing for that reason. You also have the right to object if we process your personal data for direct marketing purposes;
    • request that we delete or remove your personal data if you have exercised your right to object to their processing according to the previous point;
    • to object to automated decision-making if it is carried out, including profiling, i.e. not be subject to any automated decision-making by us using your personal data or profiling;
    • to request restriction of the processing of your personal data. This allows you to ask us to stop processing your personal information if, for example, you want to establish its accuracy or the reason for its processing;
    • to request the transfer of your personal data in an electronic and structured form to you or another person (the so-called "right to data portability"). This allows you to take your data from us in a usable electronic format and transfer it to another person in a usable electronic format;
    • withdraw your consent. You can withdraw your consent for all or only part of your personal data, as well as for specific or all processing purposes. If you have given consent to the collection, processing and storage of your personal data for a specific purpose, you have the right to withdraw it at any time regarding this specific type of processing. Once you notify us that you are withdrawing your consent, we will cease processing them for the purpose or purposes for which you originally consented, unless there is another reason for us to continue this processing;
    • to be notified in the event of a security breach of your personal data, which may pose a high risk to your rights and freedoms. "Zundert Extreme" OOD will inform you without undue delay and in an appropriate manner upon establishing such a violation, as well as about the measures that have been taken or are about to be taken.
    17. In order to exercise any of your rights listed above, please send a request or notification in free text by post or e-mail: [email protected], or to the address: Sofia 1839, Vrazhdebna, str. 68 #2.
    18. We may ask you for specific information to help us verify your identity and to respect your right to access information or any of your other rights. The purpose of this additional security measure is to ensure that your personal data is not disclosed to persons who do not have the right to receive it.
    19. The exercise of the above-mentioned rights does not require the payment of a fee by you. However, we may charge a reasonable administrative fee if your access request is manifestly unreasonable or if the requests are repetitive or excessive. In such circumstances, we may also refuse to fulfill the request.
    20. "Zundert Extreme" Ltd. has a data protection officer who ensures compliance with the rules described in this Declaration, in the internal Rules for the protection of personal data and in the normative acts applicable to the protection of personal data. If you have any questions about these rules or about the way "Zundert Extreme" Ltd. processes your personal data, you can contact him at e-mail: [email protected].
    21. If you believe that your rights to the protection of personal data have been violated, you have the right to file a complaint with the Commission for the Protection of Personal Data, whose address and other contact details can be found above in this Declaration.